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A Few Things to Know About Back Pain in Scottsdale AZ

Spinal discomfort is one of the most common causes of missed work days in Arizona or anywhere. Back pain in Scottsdale AZ also happens to be the number one cause of disability claims in the Grand Canyon State. Such is the summation of spinal experts at Mayo Clinic.

Causes of back pain

Acute back pain that occurs without warning is typically caused by strain or overexertion. Ligament strain that involves the connections between muscles and bones commonly leads to painful spasms that may last several weeks. Persons in less than optimal physical health are more prone to back pain in Scottsdale AZ than those who are in good shape.

Bulges or ruptures of the soft inner tissue of disks that cushion vertebrae are other common causes of a sore back. Not all spinal disk ruptures cause intractable pain. When they do, however, the sensations can be quite awful. Osteoarthritis may narrow the space surrounding the spinal cord, and skeletal irregularities may also increase the likelihood of back pain, explains Mayo Clinic. A curvature of the spine called scoliosis may also lead to back pain in Scottsdale AZ or anywhere. Persons with porous bones may develop a painful back condition known as compression fracture, as well.

Back pain risk factors

* Persons over the age of 40, especially those who do not regularly exercise, are at great risk of developing spinal pain.

* Overweight people report more back pain in Scottsdale AZ than their trimmer counterparts.

* Improper lifting techniques by which someone uses their back to raise a heavy object is a common risk factor of back pain.

* Smoking cigarettes can reduce blood flow throughout the spine and thus contribute mightily to back pain in Scottsdale AZ

Can back pain be prevented?

Not all cases of spinal discomfort can be prevented, especially those that involve disease. Nonetheless, there are ways to reduce your chances of developing serious spinal pain.

Stop slouching. Maintain neutral pelvic positioning and be aware of your posture while sitting or standing. If required to stand for an extended period of time, keep one foot elevated on a low stool. This will lessen stress on your whole backbone. Sit smartly when you choose an office chair with superior support, especially of the lower back area. A swivel base and cushioned armrests may also reduce your risk of leaving work with a painful spine. Change positions frequently, and don’t forget to get up and walk around once in a while. If you have to lift a heavy object, remember to bend your knees and let your leg muscles do most of the work. When you carry a heavy thing, hold it close to your body, not at arm’s length.

When your back hurts

If you woke up in Scottsdale today with a sore spine, give Well Adjusted Chiropractic a call at 480.424.5606 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Brown. We’ve helped many Arizonans with back pain in Scottsdale AZ and we can help you, too.

back pain Scottsdale AZ

The Precise Way to Deal with Back Pain in Scottsdale AZ

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