Jenn Stewart


Jenn Stewart


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Being a nurse for over 20+ years, Jenn has dedicated her time in serving her community helping patients get the care they need.  Starting her career in the hospital setting in the mother/baby department, she taught new moms how to begin their journey as a parent.  Throughout her career, Jenn always wanted to do more.  Taking positions in surgery centers and adjusting her skillset to ensure the safety of all her patients.  Her continued success outlined by awards and accreditations not only showcased her clinical ability, bet also her warm personality.  Outside the workplace, Jenn is a wife and proud mom of two boys that take up just as much of her time.  She is always involving herself in outreach and volunteer groups to ensure the best for her family.  Now she has decided to again add to her toolset and begin to deliver Aesthetics to St Charles County.  Trained and certified by the best in the business, she is ready for this new venture in life!