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We are breaking down barriers for medical providers to enter the aesthetic industry, whether as a mobile aesthetic injector, medspa operator, medical director, or anything in between. Most medical spas require years of experience in order to even be considered for a position; however, with our extensive training program in place which focuses on hands-on injecting, safety, and business tips and solutions, we are able to foster safe, skilled injectors and medical spa business owners. We then provide continuous opportunity for training and resources to decrease overhead and allow successful and compliant operations.

We take safety and compliance very seriously as it relates directly to patient care. With unwavering standards in those areas, Smiley Aesthetic injectors and medspas provide the utmost client care and experience. Joining us allows the provider to feel secure knowing we have navigated the complex medical spas laws and understand them completely in the states we operate.

Our journey at Smiley Aesthetics isn’t just about the services we provide; it’s about the stories we help create. Across the country, medical professionals who have trained with us are now writing their success narratives, transforming the aesthetics industry one treatment at a time. Here, we celebrate some of these remarkable individuals – their dedication, their growth, and their success.  To explore more about these incredible success stories and to see firsthand the impact of our training programs, we encourage you to visit our Independent Injector Success Stories page. There, you’ll find inspiring insights into how they’ve leveraged their skills and our training to create flourishing practices that not only enhance beauty but also enrich lives.

To learn more, head over to our private Facebook group and watch the informative video pinned at the top of the page. There are also FAQs to view in the Files section of the group!

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No matter which path you take, training is one of the first steps.  We have trained hundreds of medical providers across all 50 states!  Our training is for any medical provider with a RN degree or above and is accredited and accepted in every state! With your certificate from our accredited program, you can confidently pursue your aesthetics business in any state where it is permissible according to your credentials.

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