How long does an Aquafirme XS treatments take?


Most treatments take anywhere from 30-75 minutes. For example, the AquaFirme XS Hydrate XS Facial is 30 minutes, a DE|RIVE with AquaFirmeXS Facial can take about 30 minutes, and an Ultimate XS Facial can take about 60 minutes.

How long does an Aquafirme XS treatments take?2023-07-02T05:28:44+00:00

What is the recovery time?


As soon as the treatment is complete the patient is free to resume normal daily activities. There is no downtime with an AquaFirmeXS treatment.

What is the recovery time?2023-07-02T05:28:19+00:00

How many treatments are required?


AquaFirme XS can give an immediate natural glow and true radiance to the skin. However, a series of three treatments may be needed to achieve optimum results. The effects of each treatment will continue to improve.

How many treatments are required?2023-07-02T05:27:55+00:00

Can I combine the different serums?


Yes, we strongly recommend combining several serums to take advantage of the full effect of this treatment. We recommend starting most sessions with the CLARIFY serum to cleanse and exfoliate the skin. This allows the other serums to [...]

Can I combine the different serums?2023-07-02T05:27:31+00:00

What is AquaFirme XS?


AquaFirme XS is a medical facial treatment specially designed to help exfoliate and perfuse nutrients into the skin.

What is AquaFirme XS?2023-07-02T05:27:03+00:00
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