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Non-Invasive Hair Restoration with DE|RIVE

Hair and scalp health is one of the fastest growing and most exciting fields in aesthetics with a projected growth of 15.4% over the next 5 years. Our DE|RIVE Daily Hair Support Serum was specifically formulated to address hair and scalp health.

An addition to our EXO|E family of products, the DE|RIVE is carefully curated from well-studied, plant-based factors that support scalp and hair health.

DE|RIVE is available for in-office topical application, as well as a take-home that can be easily applied daily for continuous support.

The 60ml take-home dropper can help supplement the in-office treatment for continuous, uninterrupted support. Applied twice daily, DE|RIVE is easy to apply and easy to use. It helps nourish and hydrate the scalp, for healthier looking hair.

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What is DE|RIVE?2023-07-02T05:13:56+00:00

A complete set of active plant based secretory factors and the latest bio-based, patented technology specifically formulated for hair & scalp health.

How is DE|RIVE OFFERED?2023-07-02T05:14:18+00:00

DE|RIVE is dispensed exclusively through the practitioner’s office and available in the below options:
3ml Glass Syringe – Single patient in-office topical application
30-day supply in a take-home bottle with pump to provide a one-month support system for the hair & scalp

How can DE|RIVE be used?2023-07-02T05:14:49+00:00

DE|RIVE can be used in-office in combination with procedures such as Microneedling, RF Microneedling, Ultrasound, and most aesthetic treatments. DE|RIVE can also used at home to supplement the treatment.

What is the recommended protocol for DE|RIVE 30-Day take-home supply?2023-07-02T05:15:13+00:00

The DE|RIVE 30-day supply pump bottles offer a morning and evening application of DE|RIVE that will help nourish your hair and scalp that can lead to visible results over time.

Is DE|RIVE safe for all skin types?2023-07-02T05:15:45+00:00

DE|RIVE is safe for all skin types and can promote and supports overall hair & scalp health.


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