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Scarlet SRF

Scarlet SRF is the ideal solution for the most common aging concerns on all skin types. Our customized protocols help deliver unprecedented results to treat your face, body, and scalp for optimal results with little to no downtime. The revolutionary next-generation robotic motor delivers the necessary energy in a more comfortable method than other RF Microneedling devices on the market. Excellent as a standalone treatment or a combination therapy providing excellent results for the most common skin concerns helping you optimize your treatments and outcomes and clinically improves skin texture, pores, and photoaging. The Scarlet RF has a 95% satisfaction rate across the industry. Some of the common skin concerns that can be treated are:

  • Acne
  • Skin Tightening
  • Photo-aging
  • Large Pores
  • Skin Texture
  • Scars
  • Striae
  • Scalp, Double Chin, and Neck Tightening
  • Body and Face Skin Tightening and Lifting

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What is Scarlet SRF?2023-07-02T05:36:14+00:00

Scarlet SRF is a next-generation short-pulse radio frequency (SRF) treatment with Microneedling that targets virtually any skin issue. It is also one of the safest treatments in the field with minimal to no downtime. Visible results are as little as one treatment away and often immediately apparent.

How many treatments will I need? How long does it take before I see improvement?2023-07-02T05:37:02+00:00

Some visible results, like firmer skin, can be seen immediately while the results of dermal remodeling appear gradually over two to three months as collagen and elastin fibers regenerate. The results of a single treatment can last six months to a year following one treatment, a series of treatments may be recommended to achieve the optimum result.

How long does a treatment take?2023-07-02T05:37:34+00:00

Scarlet SRF treatments take about 20 minutes for the face and 10 minutes for the neck. The time needed for a body treatment depends on the size and condition of the area to be treated. Scarlet SRF is both time-efficient and revolutionarily effective.

What to expect with your Scarlet SRF treatment?2023-07-02T05:38:00+00:00

For a few hours after your treatment, redness and some swelling can be expected. Your skin may feel warm like you’ve had a mild sunburn. For those receiving a scalp treatment, you may feel a slight pulling or tugging sensation for a few days post-treatment.

What is the recovery time?2023-07-02T05:38:39+00:00

Many patients return to their regular daily activities immediately following a Scarlet SRF treatment. There is minimal to no downtime with Scarlet SRF. There is little to no bleeding or sensitivity as often experienced with other microneedle treatments.

How is Scarlet SRF treatment for different skin types?2023-07-02T05:40:10+00:00

Scarlet SRF works on all skin types: I, II, III, IV, V, and VI.


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