Alex Hoskins


Alex Hoskins


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Alex was born and raised in Hazard, Kentucky but has been an East Tennessee resident for 3 years now. Alex is a single dog mom. She has been a nurse for 3 years with experience in the emergency department, home health, and ICU. Alex has had a passion for aesthetics since a very young age following a car accident resulting in injuries that required plastic surgery at 7 years old and went for lip filler as soon as she was 18 years old in hopes to restore damage that still had not been fully corrected. Alex says she finally found confidence after receiving filler treatments and hopes to give her clients the same sort of confidence in themselves. Her main goal is to make people happy, in any aspect. Alex is located part time in Lexington, Kentucky and the other part in Morristown, Tennessee but willing to travel to surrounding areas. Alex is accepting new clients and cannot wait to make you all feel beautiful and confident in your own skin!