Cira Monnig


Cira Monnig


Amazing results for unconventional treatment!

March 13, 2023

Cira is a very compassionate woman and when I told her what I was wanting to do the injections for (nerve pain in my face associated with scarring on my forehead and uneven facial alignment from stroke) she told me the treatment could quite possibly help. It did! 100%!! And longer than expected-months longer! Up side, the wrinkles from holding my eyebrow up from the facial droop smoothed! At 35 years old to have major scarring, stroke complications & a lot of pain associated with the trauma, I’m so happy to find something that isn’t a “pharmaceutical”/pill I have to take daily.



Phone: 1-417-234-0858

Cira graduated with her BSN in 2007 and AANP in 2014. She worked in a variety of settings as a Family Nurse Practitioner including Family Practice, Pulmonary, and Urgent Care. During some of that time she began gaining experience as an aesthetic injector. Cira is now an experienced aesthetic injector/trainer with certification by American Medical Educators Training and our very own Smiley Aesthetics Advanced Training program. She also offers wellness services including Vitamin Infusions and Medical Weight Loss.
Cira is married with three children who are very active in sports and different activities. In her free time she enjoys spending family time at home or traveling. Cira loves treating her patients from a holistic approach. She enjoys truly listening to what her patient wants so that she can best meet them where they are. Just as our beauty originates from the inside moving outward, Cira believes our health starts on the inside moving outward as well. By practicing aesthetics and wellness in a safe and effective manner she strives for excellence for her patients.